El Mito del Tango – a Rhapsodic Narrative

The expressive means chosen by the director Carlos Branca to retrace the city and music of Buenos Aires is that of a rhapsodic narrative, guided by the deep and gravelly voice of Alessandro Haber…….Yet equally fascinating is the extremely luminous voice of Lorna Ruth Windsor guiding us through the porteño universe, with impassioned expression and splendid timbre.’ (Brescia Oggi, 18.9.2017)

Lorna Windsor, Alessandro Haber and the Modern Bachianas Quartet will be touring with the programme ‘El Mito del Tango’ in 2018,(dates shortly to be announced),whilst still with the Modern Bachinanas Quartet and the spectacular arrangements of Alessandro Nidi, she will appear in ‘Todo cambia’ (‘Everything changes’) in April 2018.