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Lorna Windsor and Antonio Ballista

In 2018 and 2019, for the Rossini and Offenbach centenary celebrations, Lorna and Antonio will appear in their recital entitled ROSSINI AND OFFENBACH IN PARIS, a hommage to the two giants of irony and wit.

For the release of their two latest recordings, (Claude Debussy: Les Mélodies, and Erik Satie: Les mélodies et les chansons de cabaret de Paulette Darty, both recorded on a 1923 Pleyel for Brilliant Classics) they will be touring in recitals of both composers.

Their highly successful programme “Transfigured Notes”can be heard in Milan in March 2019.

El Mito del Tango – a Rhapsodic Narrative

The expressive means chosen by the director Carlos Branca to retrace the city and music of Buenos Aires is that of a rhapsodic narrative, guided by the deep and gravelly voice of Alessandro Haber…….Yet equally fascinating is the extremely luminous voice of Lorna Ruth Windsor guiding us through the porteño universe, with impassioned expression and splendid timbre.’ (Brescia Oggi, 18.9.2017)

Lorna Windsor and the Modern Bachianas Quartet will be performing the spectacular arrangements by composer Alessandro Nidi, in “TODO CAMBIA” , a nostalgic and vibrant evening of Latin American composers Gardel, Piazzolla, Jobim, with piano (Alessandro Nidi), Cello (Audrey Lafargue), Accordeon (Nadio Moreno), percussion (Sebastiano Nidi).

Concert Kabarett ‘L’Heure Bleue ‘

Concert Kabarett ‘L’Heure Bleue ‘ (La Vallisa, Bari/Teatro Piccini) : Lorna Windsor, an artist of extreme artistic flexibility and gifted with a winning and limpid tone (also an appreciated ‘mozartiana’), knows how to approach this repertoire with sincerity of expression, adapting her voice to stylistically renovate models of the caliber of Lotte Lenya and Edith Piaf, with intelligence, avoiding imitation, and reliving the songs with a personal and modern touch of her own.(..)La vie en rose, Edith Piaf’s desperate cry, transformed by Lorna Windsor in a fascinating and intimate murmur, proving that love and passions are lived intensely by each artist according to their particular sentimental character.

Concert Florence, Teatro Verdi, Festival Play It! Composer A.Corghi, ‘Her Death’, voice and orchestra (29.3.2014) ‘ ..the eccellent actress-singer, Lorna Windsor, inspired by the character of Ophelia’ (Corriere della Sera,3.4.14).

John Cage concert, Lucca, September 2012,with Ars Ludi percussions and Giancarlo Simonacci piano.

‘Our attention shifts to the voice of Lorna Windsor, and here we should forget that of Cathy Berberian and abandon ourselves to Lorna’s functional and seductive singing. This ‘chanteuse’ has the merit of having forgotten all the heavy ‘tools’ of the academia of voice training, registers and approach.’ (Il Manifesto, Mario Gamba)

Concert for ‘Rondò Festival, Milan, with MariaGrazia Bellocchio, piano Lorna Windsor, extraordinary interpreter of today’s music, artist with great personality, particularly applauded, in excellent form, capable of shifting stylistically with enviable ease from historical moments to the antipodes, with rare virtuosismo, for instance in Berio, and also of touching expressive simplicity. A high quality interpreter not only as a singer but a great musician’. (Milano Culturale, G.Califano.2.3.09)

The Lorna Windsor – Antonio Ballista duo

‘Erik Satie et ses amis’ (Teatro dell’ Opera, Florence) with Antonio Ballista(piano and musical director) and the Cameristi del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino: “particularly outstanding the vocal part of the concert given to specialist, the soprano Lorna Windsor, whose collaboration Ballista is one of a deep artistic understanding, a singer of refined and elegant taste, as in her saucy and sensual interpretation of ‘La Diva de l’ Empire’, and the delicacy on the 7 mélodies of Poulenc’s ‘La Courte Paille’ (La Nazione, nov.2016)

Concert Amfiteatrof Festival, Levanto with Antonio Ballista : ‘a coquettish Lorna Windsor, dazzlingly flexible voice of pure silvery tone…outstanding in Strauss’ ‘Morgen’ (Amadeus, October 2012)